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Birthing the "New Human"
-author unknown

We, as the human species, are at the threshold of an extraordinary metamorphosis. This upcoming evolutionary leap will enable us to move far beyond the limitations of life as we have experienced it up to this point in our human journey.
Some futurists, such as Barbara Marx Hubbard, have referred to this as a progression from Homo Sapiens to Homo Universalis, or the Universal Human. Others have described our new genetic destination as Homo Nova. In this article we will refer to this transformed version of our human self simply as the "New Human."
A few decades ago, during the early phase of our collective spiritual awakening, we tended to have relatively little interest in the relationship between the expansion of our consciousness and our human genetics. It was perhaps not until discourses on the activation of our 12-strands of DNA, that the subject of genetics gained attention as an integral part of our spiritual development. However, to better understand the role of genetics in our transformational process, we need to expand our thinking beyond just the physical genetics that we inherit through our family lineage.
Our soul also has the equivalent of genetic structures, which carry within them the cumulative evolutionary history of our soul's journey. When we embody in physical human form, our genetic matrix becomes a composite of our soul genetics plus our human family genetic lineage. Through this interactive matrix, shifts in our soul genetic structures bring about related changes within our human DNA.
Our metamorphosis to the New Human is being triggered by a shift and expansion in our consciousness, both individually and collectively. Through our composite genetic matrix, these shifts are awakening dormant aspects within our human DNA, enabling our bodies to function in new and enhanced ways.
The fundamental shift in consciousness that is needed to enable us to make the evolutionary leap to the New Human is the shift from a consciousness of separation, to a consciousness of unity. Animosity and suffering, which have been the hallmark of our human history, can only exist when people see themselves as separate from each other, and from their Creator. As our consciousness awakens to an awareness that we are not separate, but rather that each of us is a unique expression of the essence of our Creator, we no longer need to fear or to mask ourselves from each other. It is this unitive consciousness that is fertile soil for the birth and maturation of the New Human.
Attributes of the New Human
Although none of us can yet fully envision the nature of the New Human in its ultimate form, a few who are on the leading edge of this shift have moved far enough across the threshold to provide some glimpses of what we might eventually anticipate.
Let's consider a few of the possibilities:
Enhanced Telepathic and Empathic Abilities
Many people who awaken spiritually experience an enhanced sense of what others are thinking and feeling. For some, these heightened sensitivities becomes so acute that they need to be attenuated at times, so that the intense thoughts and emotions of others do not become overwhelming. As the human race collectively frees itself from the harshness of the old patterns, we, as New Humans, will be able to allow our sensitivities to open fully. In unitive consciousness, there is no longer a need to conceal our thoughts or feelings from each other.
Ease of Manifestation
When the subject of "manifestation" arises among people who are on the spiritual path, there seems to be an automatic tendency to think in terms of money, since financial struggles all too often tend to accompany spiritual growth. But as our consciousness expands, and we truly begin to grasp the awesome creative power inherent within our intentions, we find that manifestation of abundance flows much more effortlessly. As we learn to consistently focus our intentions in alignment with our own highest good, and with the highest good for all, manifestation of all that we desire in life will become as natural and infallible as the rising of the sun with each new day.
Flexible Relationship with Time and Space
For most humans who are still deeply entrenched in mass consciousness, the idea of traveling through time, or manifesting our body simultaneously in more than one place, is only the stuff of science fiction. But as we begin to understand the deeper levels of our reality, we discover that our space-time matrix can be navigated in new and fascinating ways. In fact, some of us have come here from future time, and we already have the navigational skills latent within our soul's memory. An increasing number of us have already begun to transect the spirals of time during our "sleeping" hours, but only a few have yet learned how to bridge memories of these experiences into our conscious awareness. Also, some who are on the leading edge of this transformation in consciousness are beginning to have interesting experiences related to spacial orientation. For example, a few have moved through dimensional shifts during which their physical body disappears for a period of time from our "normal" reality. Others are learning to "split" their soul body into multiple units so that they can function in more than one reality simultaneously. The possibilities are endless. As New Humans, we undoubtedly will learn to become very adept mariners of time and space.
Age Reversal and Increased Life Span
Although we have long known that the cells of our body respond to shifts in our consciousness, we are only recently learning how to more deliberately direct this process. It is interesting to note the number of healers who recently have expanded the focus of their work to include reversal of the aging process. It is yet to be discovered whether the New Human can become virtually immortal, but based on what we are learning, we have reason to believe that significant progress will be made in that direction.
Enriched Creative Abilities
As we more fully align our human life with our soul's purpose, and with the essence of our beingness, creativity seems to flow easily. The shift to unitive consciousness enables us to readily tap into the "universal mind," and bring forth primal creativity into the various forms of our human endeavor.
Increased Joy and Ecstasy
Joy is our natural state of beingness. It is only through the consciousness of separation that we have allowed the fullness of our joy to atrophy. But again, as we shift into consciousness of oneness -- as we learn to perceive our Creator's essence in everyone, and in all things -- our joy will blossom into all of its natural fullness. Likewise, as the feeling and sensation centers of our bodies become more fully awakened, our experience of ecstasy will reach levels not yet imaginable.

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