Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's that time of year!

The growing season is beginning (well, for me it is beginning in the North Eastern U.S.), so now is the perfect time to order seeds.

This year, make your money and your plants count! Support the Zapatista Movement while concurrently preserving the virgin corn seeds grown from original Mayan land.

Click here to order your seeds (payment on a sliding scale):

Zapatista Corn

The Zapatista are an autonomous movement, now settled into over 1,000 members and 38 communities throughout Mexico (2006 stats). Their demands were simple: land, equality and non-interference from the government. The Mexican army continues to harass them to this day, burning their villages and killing their people. (Those who live, work and learn independent of the government are perceived as dangerous).

The Zapatista started the corn project to preserve the heritage of their Mayan ancestors. Most of the corn grown in the USA is laced with pesticides, herbicides and genetically altered to increase growth. These chemicals are passed into our bodies; the runoff from the crops is passed into our water. This contamination is unhealthy for every living thing. Become part of the resistance and grow Zapatista corn in your garden, your community or your school today!!!

The Zapatista say they wear their masks, not to hide themselves, but so they can be seen.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wartime Propaganda, Part II

PBS's finally broke the silence on the issue of Pentagon-sponsored propaganda in the media.

If you recall in 2002, the Pentagon began developing the idea of false portrayal of the "war on terror" domestically and internationally. I believe I had posted this very same article on either this blog, or my old one: Pentagon Plans Propaganda War

So, after 6 years of propaganda and the truth being reveal, my question is: Did anyone even notice the difference?
More importantly, will we start seeing a change in the media?
Or will it still be up to us to distrust the majority of information, and to seek out the truth on our own...

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Thought Police

FBI Director Robert Mueller said his idea of monitoring the internet:

"Balances on one hand, the privacy rights of the individual who are receiving the information, but on the other hand, given the technology, the necessity of having some omnibus search capability utilizing filters that would identify the illegal activity as it comes through and give us the ability to preempt that illegal activity where it comes through a choke point."

preempt illegal activity... They did this in a movie once, right?

This is an impossible task. All Mueller's proposal accomplishes is a demonstration of the government's fear. Not long ago they had total control over the media, and consequently, the people. The internet as become the great equalizer which has spread too far and too wide to be controlled by a single person or agency. The more people who use it constructively, the closer we get to taking back what is rightfully ours.

So FBI... consider yourself on notice.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Following in their Footsteps

Senator Clinton reported that if Iran were to launch a nuclear attack on Israel, as President she would retaliate against Iran with nuclear weapons.

This is the exact reason I do not want her in the oval office. Many women believe it is time for a female president. While I agree with this view, I do not want a female president who is imitating the strong headed men who came before her.

Women imitating men to assert their power is a long running trend in the United States. Throughout American history, men had the most power in politics, the economy, religion and even dominated the canon of American Literature. With few female role models to emulate (many successful women have had their records and achievements erased from history) women were left with little choice but to imitate men.

One would have to be a very strong, bold and courageous woman to face uncharted ground alone. These are the characteristics I would look for in a female president. I would want her to speak her mind and stay true to her ideals, despite what the opposition said about her. I would want a progressive woman who had the history and struggle of women in mind; someone who wanted equality for all people. Most of all, someone who looked at the past mistakes in foreign policy and domestic issues, and came up with a new plan for the future. Hillary Clinton does not live up to this image. She seems to be more of a carbon copy of everyone who came before her.

I would not approve of this trait of imitation in anyone, no less the person who is running for president. I will be effected by the decision of the winning candidate, so I will be voting for someone who represents my view... and not just my vagina.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another downfall of DOVE

To many women, Dove products may seem like a favorable alternative to other items on the market. Their ad campaign seems to emphasize that beauty is something within and all are capable of possessing it. This image is very different from other beauty products in which companies try to convince you that you are worthless without their makeup, lotion, etc.

One does not have to dig too far below the surface to discover that the parent company (UNILEVER) which owns Dove, also owns Axe, a body spray for men. Those familiar with Axe commercials can recall that these 30 second clips degrade women far worse than any makeup commercial on the market.

The Axe ad campaign completely invalidates the Dove commercials (and products) because it reflects that Unilever does not care about feminism; the CEOs only are interested in selling as many products to as many audiences as possible.

Now a new discovery: Palm Oil
Unilever is purchasing palm oil from companies in Indonesia, which are actively destroying the fragile and disappearing rain forests.

Simply one of these reasons is enough to boycott Dove (and Unilever in general).

You can also sign the petition which is located underneath the film box on the Greenpeace page.

More than Housewives

Three HouseWives

These women planned and executed a 300 hundred mile expedition to climb the Himalayan Mountains. Their achievements, including being the first European women to enter the area, were long forgotten until the recent release of a short documentary.

Just another example of the many women [and their accomplishments] which have been excluded from the records by the makers of history.