Tuesday, April 29, 2008

It's that time of year!

The growing season is beginning (well, for me it is beginning in the North Eastern U.S.), so now is the perfect time to order seeds.

This year, make your money and your plants count! Support the Zapatista Movement while concurrently preserving the virgin corn seeds grown from original Mayan land.

Click here to order your seeds (payment on a sliding scale):

Zapatista Corn

The Zapatista are an autonomous movement, now settled into over 1,000 members and 38 communities throughout Mexico (2006 stats). Their demands were simple: land, equality and non-interference from the government. The Mexican army continues to harass them to this day, burning their villages and killing their people. (Those who live, work and learn independent of the government are perceived as dangerous).

The Zapatista started the corn project to preserve the heritage of their Mayan ancestors. Most of the corn grown in the USA is laced with pesticides, herbicides and genetically altered to increase growth. These chemicals are passed into our bodies; the runoff from the crops is passed into our water. This contamination is unhealthy for every living thing. Become part of the resistance and grow Zapatista corn in your garden, your community or your school today!!!

The Zapatista say they wear their masks, not to hide themselves, but so they can be seen.

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