Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Following in their Footsteps

Senator Clinton reported that if Iran were to launch a nuclear attack on Israel, as President she would retaliate against Iran with nuclear weapons.

This is the exact reason I do not want her in the oval office. Many women believe it is time for a female president. While I agree with this view, I do not want a female president who is imitating the strong headed men who came before her.

Women imitating men to assert their power is a long running trend in the United States. Throughout American history, men had the most power in politics, the economy, religion and even dominated the canon of American Literature. With few female role models to emulate (many successful women have had their records and achievements erased from history) women were left with little choice but to imitate men.

One would have to be a very strong, bold and courageous woman to face uncharted ground alone. These are the characteristics I would look for in a female president. I would want her to speak her mind and stay true to her ideals, despite what the opposition said about her. I would want a progressive woman who had the history and struggle of women in mind; someone who wanted equality for all people. Most of all, someone who looked at the past mistakes in foreign policy and domestic issues, and came up with a new plan for the future. Hillary Clinton does not live up to this image. She seems to be more of a carbon copy of everyone who came before her.

I would not approve of this trait of imitation in anyone, no less the person who is running for president. I will be effected by the decision of the winning candidate, so I will be voting for someone who represents my view... and not just my vagina.

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