Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Another downfall of DOVE

To many women, Dove products may seem like a favorable alternative to other items on the market. Their ad campaign seems to emphasize that beauty is something within and all are capable of possessing it. This image is very different from other beauty products in which companies try to convince you that you are worthless without their makeup, lotion, etc.

One does not have to dig too far below the surface to discover that the parent company (UNILEVER) which owns Dove, also owns Axe, a body spray for men. Those familiar with Axe commercials can recall that these 30 second clips degrade women far worse than any makeup commercial on the market.

The Axe ad campaign completely invalidates the Dove commercials (and products) because it reflects that Unilever does not care about feminism; the CEOs only are interested in selling as many products to as many audiences as possible.

Now a new discovery: Palm Oil
Unilever is purchasing palm oil from companies in Indonesia, which are actively destroying the fragile and disappearing rain forests.

Simply one of these reasons is enough to boycott Dove (and Unilever in general).

You can also sign the petition which is located underneath the film box on the Greenpeace page.


Dennis said...

There's no doubt in my mind that you're right - they just want to broaden their audience by advertising to what they call "normal women."

As far as the Axe commercials go, they're just ridiculous. There's not one man alive that thinks wearing that crap will help you a attract women.

One thing that most people don't see or notice in commercials these days is that MEN are actively portrayed as being "goofy" or just plain stupid and incapable of doing something for themselves. I can't cite anything too specific, but think of any Home Depot commercial where the woman all of a sudden knows how to put together a shed and the guy just sits there looking like an idiot.

Know And Be Free said...

True. I will keep an eye out for commercials which portray men in a negative light.

Companies which use sexism to promote their products are only abusing their customers' low self esteem and ego issues. This really needs to stop if we are ever going to evolve as a species....