Sunday, July 30, 2006

Missy Elliott should be executed.

I caught the tail end of "Cribs" on Mtv where ridiculously rich people show off their insane houses. Well, the 6 seconds of it that I saw got me so angry... So I took that energy and wrote this poem. Hope y'all enjoy.

Hi Mtv
This is Misdemeanor
Welcome to my crib
Check out my 27 bedrooms,
14 and a half bathrooms
Complete with chandeliers
And all for show.
You can be sure
My collection is gonna grow.
I'll be the prize holder of wasted space,
Meanwhile, I bet your family
Can't even afford a nasty one bedroom place
Kinda makes you wanna wipe this grin off my face...

I got a wedding ring on display
Bigger than your head.
Sure, some African miner is probably dead
Due to my material desires,
But fuck it, I deserved this before I retire.

Here's my 600 hundred pairs of shoes.
Only 1200 Indonesian children had to slave away
16 hours per day to fabricate Nikes
To satisfy my soulless, inadequate ways.
But dont worry,
I sent "Save the Children"
A ten dollar check.
Them greedy brats should be grateful
That Missy saved their necks.

Now come outside,
I'll show you my cars.
Boy, I bet you think it bizarre
That I got a Hummer
While the country's fighting this war.
I hope y'all glad your tax dollars
Go to supporting my insensitive addictions.
Now smile and watch the as poor suffer evictions
And join the military to substitute for school.
Bet you're ecstatic that your sons and daughters died
For my cost of my fuel.
And notice the color is a fiery red,
That's cuz it's painted with the blood of the dead.
The innocent Iraqi children
Who pay every day for a crime they did not commit,
But don't worry, the government says it's legit
And they'll never admit
They made the wrong choice.
So, like a stupid lemming
I never question the president's voice.
And continue to religiously follow the fashionable trend
Of destroying humans and ecosystems alike
And spittin nonsensical hypocrisy into tha mic.

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