Tuesday, August 01, 2006

How Toxic Are YOU?

The Toxicity Test

Being toxic is an unavoidable consequence of living in the sea of synthetic chemicals that is our modern world. A healthy body is an efficient eliminator of toxins. We are aware of our daily elimination of feces and urine, two vital forms of elimination provided by our colon and kidneys, but there are other important forms of elimination. We have to breathe frequently and eliminate toxic carbon dioxide from our lungs. Our liver filters our blood supply of toxins. Our lymph system moves toxins and excess fluids from the body, as do our sweat glands. Our skin is also an elimination system. Any restriction or malfunctioning of those systems of elimination can cause toxins to accumulate and illness or disease may result.

We can tolerate a certain level of toxins in our body. For each person this tolerance level will be different depending on your exposure levels, your lifestyle, diet, drug intake, general habits, medical treatments, surrounding environment, and the strength and clear functioning of your faculties of elimination and the general strength of your immune system. Here is an opportunity to gauge your own level of toxicity.

**Please note: This is not a scientific test or health evaluation. It simply suggests the possible extent to which you carry a body burden of chemicals.
Give yourself one point for every question that you answer "yes"to.

1. Do you use plastic containers to store food or drinking water
2. Do you eat microwaved foods that come packaged with plastic wrap
3. Do you eat non-organic cereals, bread, and other grain products
4. Do you use deodorants, shampoos and soaps containing synthetic chemicals
5. Do you use after shave lotions or perfumes containing synthetic chemicals
6. Do you use cosmetics or hair colorings containing synthetic chemicals
7. Do you live or work in an area that has synthetic carpeting
8. Do you live or work in an area that has wood cabinets or new furnishings
9. Do you live or work near agricultural areas that use non-organic production methods
10. Do you live or work in an area that has painted walls or ceilings
11. Do you drink non-organic coffee
12. Do you use sugar substitutes or eat any foods that contain "low calorie" sugar substitutes or sweeteners
13. Do you eat foods that contain hydrogenated fats such as margarine or do you eat any foods that contain canola oil or cottonseed oil
14. Do you eat "Fat Free" foods or snacks made with fat substitutes
15. Do ever drink municipal tap water at home or at restaurants
16. Do you eat non-organic fruits, vegetable, grains, meats (all types), dairy foods (all types)
17. Do you breathe polluted city air
18. Have you owned a new car and smelled the 'new car' smells
19. Do you eat fish more than once a week
20. Do you dry clean your clothes at cleaners using synthetic chemicals
21. Are you often irritable
22. Are you a smoker
23. Do you have difficulty breathing when anxious
24. Do you sometimes use bug killer products inside your home
25. Do you often have a loss of memory and inability to concentrate
26. Do you sometimes feel dizzy
27. Do you sometimes have ringing in your ears
28. Do you get skin rashes very easily
29. Do you often have a metallic taste in your mouth
30. Is your menstrual cycle often erratic or interrupted
31. Do you have excessive hair loss
32. Do you sometimes have unexplained numbness
33. Do you often feel very fatigued or nauseous
34. Does your speech sometimes become slurred or disordered
35. Have you received 3 or more vaccinations

36. Are you involved in one or more of the following professions or hobbies:Agricultural Product Handlers, Asbestos Abatement Technicians, Auto Mechanics, Battery Manufacturers, Battery Recyclers, Canning Plant Worker,Carpenters, Ceramic Manufacturers, Construction Workers, Cosmetic Manufacturers, Cosmetologists, Dental Assistants, Dental Lab Workers, Dentists, Physicians, Diesel Equipment Mechanics, Dynamite Manufacturers, Dynamiters, Miners, Electronic Assembly Workers, Electronic Component Manufacturing, Electroplaters, Photographers,Engravers, Explosives Experts, Fertilizer Manufacturers, Farmers, Fiberglass Installers, Fiberglass Manufacturing Workers, Firemen, Firing Range Operators, Fishermen, Fluorescent Tube Manufacturers, Foundry Workers, Glass Manufacturing Workers. Glassblowers, Grinder Operators, Hairdressers, Hazardous Material Workers, Ink Manufacturers, Jewelers, Laboratory Workers, Landfill Workers, Landscapers, Lumber Processors, Lumber Yard Workers, Metal Recyclers, Metal Sculptors, Nail Technicians, Paint Manufacturers, Residential/Commercial Painters, Pharmaceutical Workers, Plastic Product Manufacturers, Plumbers, Plumbing Supply Manufacturers, Policemen, Potters, Preservative Manufacturers, Food Processors, Cooks, Printers, Search & Rescue Workers, Ship Dock Workers, Smelting Plant Workers, Solderers, Military Soldiers, Tanners, Tattoo Artists, Truck Mechanics, Waste Handlers, Well Diggers.

37. Do you have learning disabilities
38. Do you have frequent headaches
39. Are you prone to stuttering and stammering
40. Do you experience chronic coughing
41. Do you have digestive problems
42. Do you experience mood swings
Nearly There... Just A Little Longer!
43. Are you prone to depression
44. Are you a hay fever sufferer
45. Do you sleep on a mattress containing flame retardants
46. Do you regularly eat broiled, fried or barbequed foods
47. Do you eat less than three servings of fruits and vegetables daily
48. Do you fail to eat whole grain or natural fiber foods daily
49. Do you rarely drink several glasses of pure water daily
50. Do you eat white flour foods and drink sodas often
51. Do you use home cleaning products that contain synthetic chemicals
52. Do you take synthetic vitamins daily or several times a week
53. Do you get less than 30 minutes of exercise daily
54. Are your bowel movements irregular
55. Do you use pesticides on your lawn or garden
56. Do you eat fast food or frozen food at least twice a week
57. Are you more than 20 pounds overweight
58. Have you had cancer, diabetes, heart disease, depression, obesity, liver disease or high blood pressure conditions treated by pharmaceuticals
59. Do you have metal fillings in your teeth
60. Do you take antibiotics twice or more a year
61. Do you use more than one prescription drug a day
62. Have you had surgery that used anesthesia
63. Do you use jaccuzis or hot tubs containing water treated with fluroide and chlorine
64. Do you take hot showers using water treated with fluoride and chlorine
65. Do you use a dishwasher containing tap water at home

If you scored 1-12 you are not very toxic and are doing a great job of staying healthy!

If you scored between 13-25 you are generally toxic.

If you scored 26 and above you are quite toxic. Consider what negative influences you can eliminate from your lifestyle.

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