Monday, May 14, 2007

A poem to share with you

I wrote this today while subbing in an elementary school.
You can guess why...

Plunging down
Into a predictable pattern
Is the prerequisite
For any potentially practical adult

For me
It is a precarious premonition.
A promise for the fruition
Of guaranteed boredom and frustration;
Permission for an existence
Compact with disdain.
Leading directly to
A premature departure
From this worldly plane.

I prefer the unpredictable.
The pictorial forefront of
Uncharted life.
The essence of quantum physics
Persistently eliminating strife.

I will worship the tangible,
Photographic past
As I keep my cells sensitive
To the metaphysical
Unfinished future.
And continue to generate
Infinite possibilities
For the permeating prose
Of the present

The majority pursues
The preworn path
Striving to ensure
The perpetual motion
Of the status quo
Upholding the promise
Of permanent prejudice
On their uneven economic plateau.

But I reconstruct my world
At each moment
I bend to accommodate
And integrate
Each new truth, I behold
It is empirical impossible
For this mode of thought
To grow old.

It is far more fortuitous
To encompass flexibility
For it results in a fruitful future
Where all can be free.

opinions/comments on this are very welcome :)

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