Saturday, June 07, 2008

media takeover

(love this image, will use it again and again)

After observing how the media has painted Hillary, Obama and McCain throughout the different phases of this campaign, witnessing how a story on the potential for higher gases prices on 4th of July actually caused gas prices to raise TODAY, and that whole thing about the Pentagon admitting to the use of propaganda to fuel an unjust war, I decided to write a poem (because any other action would land me in jail).

"Time for a revival
Truth revealed as whole
Rather than bits and pieces
of Information
Bias and controlled.

The media should be
A Conduit
Not a filter
Or an assembly machine.

Our data should not be
Or warped to fit someone else's dream.

We must push the pundits
To unveil their vial smoke screens,

While persuading the Pentagon
To disassemble their propaganda team,

And then propose our plan
For fair and balanced reports

Straight from the source
free from Corporate force

Information the viewer can trust
Objectively dispensed
By people who are real and just.

Maybe we can sleep at night again..."

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