Sunday, June 25, 2006

end of the world...

funny...but not really.

the information shown on this chart simply means this: do something in your life to stop global warming or we are all gonna die!!

what I am doing:

-riding my bike instead of driving my car to 1. work 2. farmers markets 3. art store 4. bascially, everything in my area within a 10 mile radius

-turning off all lights and electronics when it is not absolutely necessary to use them (yes, i know they run on electricity, but it takes oil to produce electricity)

-buying local fruit, vegetables and other foods (because they are not being shipped in from another state or country, less energy is used to transport them to the market)

-working as an active member on the town's environmental commission

-saving up my money to buy a diesel car so i can convert it to run on grease (zero emissions, same mileage as before, fuel is free and your car will last longer because grease is better for the engine)

these are simple things everyone can do. so step up and get started.

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