Friday, June 30, 2006

key to understanding

"Animals are brilliant and are much smarter than humans. There are many distinctions between the animal species and yourselves. One of the greatest is that the animals know that they do not end when they die. They know that they go on. They don't buy funeral plots and they don't worry about where they are going to die and be buried. They trust that they will be taken care of. They have an innate wisdom and trust. They don't take out insurance policies and they don't watch TV. Many of these animals are in tune with the quality of life..."

therefore, they have no fear of death, enabling them to live completely free. (unfortunately, not counting all of our friends in factory farms or displaced from their homes when shopping malls arise). We must take a moment to learn from animals. Remember how to live without fear and anxiety; to just enjoy our existance while we still have the chance.

*pictured above are Sandy (kitten) and Jettie; two of the most intelligent (domesticated) animals that I have come in contact with.

Everyday, I also watch the patterns and habits of various squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits, robins, and blue jays. Instead of watching TV while I eat, I watch the multiple worlds that are in constant motion right outside my window.

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