Thursday, October 19, 2006

Habeas Corpus (or lack thereof)

On October 17th 2006, Bush officially has suspended our right to Habeas Corpus. While this new law was initially focused on Guantanamo Bay, the final version takes away immigrants/non-citizens' rights to have a judge hear their case. Furthermore, people have also lost the right to go free if the government can not show a legal basis for holding them.

Even more disturbingly, according to David G. Savage, "The new law also defines this term broadly to include not just terrorists and fighters, but also people -- including American citizens -- who have 'materially supported hostilities against the United States.'"

I don't know where to begin contesting for now I will just share the poem I wrote, immediately after hearing this news:

Frigid Fear
Liquid nitrogen
Courses through my veins.
Civil Rights abolished;
Only Martial Law remains.

Quiet footsteps.
Silent voices.
Nauseous thoughts.
Cold skin.
Faded memories
Of protesting political din.

Has freedom come to pass?
Will this new law
Now be our last?

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