Saturday, October 28, 2006

"Fair Trade" [new poem]

I see
Just how easily
The capitalist economy
Steals my time
And all that defines
My free thinking mind.

It is an utter crime
To let this transpire
For a second more
It is time to close this door
And create a new space
Where I answer
To my own authority alone
And seek out the unknown.

Your rules will never confine me
I will always find a way
To reroute my course
Twist and turn
Society’s view
Of how a life should be...
The roles a woman should play...

I know you are living for the day
When I bow down and relinquish my role
As the defiant soul.
But don’t worry,
I’ll give you my life
Before I trade my autonomy
For metal coins
I’ll give you my body
Before I trade my spirit
For false beliefs
And I’ll give you my breath
Long before I trade my word
For State censored suppression
and a life of conscious death.

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