Friday, February 23, 2007

why teaching for tests DOES NOT WORK

Apparently, students test scores are rising, but their ability to read is declining (see article )

Why? Because now teachers are so preoccupied with meeting the National Standards (set by President Bush, who, as one of my fifth graders fondly recalled, was a C student), that they are teaching specifically for the tests, and not for the students.

So, instead of releasing well rounded individuals into the world, we are sending out adults who are only capable of regurgitating "facts" and have no capacity to think beyond the box or question what they are told. But this is to be expected when politicians and corporations are running the show. All they are concerned with are profit and products. In this case, our dumbed down students are the product, becoming the malleable workforce of tomorrow, reaping in ridiculously high profits for our CEOs, while their own children are run through the same appalling education system.

The only way to end this is to take education back into the hands of the community, the teachers, the parents, and most importantly, the children.

Here is a great essay on this topic by Jonathan Taylor Gatto, former teacher, now turned education activist: Against School

Or if you really want to make a difference, get into the education system and help us change it from the inside out!!!I can guarantee some good professors here: Undergrad/Graduate Studies in Education
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