Friday, July 13, 2007

homeless hero

Here is an article from the Boston Globe.

quick preview:
"At 56, he had lived on Boston’s streets for about 30 years. In Kenmore Square and his Allston neighborhood — areas rife with college students and people who prefer less traditional approaches to life — some saw in Mr. Butch a latter-day Thoreau, a man who chose a path that didn’t involve taxes, rent, or office cubicles. Instead, he helped the elderly cross streets, joyously played air guitar, philosophized, and sang."

It is encouraging to see this man received positive media attention. Usually the homeless are portrayed as a nuisance or disease... a sign of society's decay. When people are shown in such a light, it is usually because the onlooker is afraid. In this case, the capitalists have every reason to be afraid. Because if the majority of America chose Mr. Butch's way of life - No work. No mortgage. No money. Just people helping each other out - there would be nobody left for the rich to exploit. Then they would have to step down from their self righteous inflated egos and become like the rest of us....because at that point, it's either join, or languish.

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