Friday, July 20, 2007

Loss of Reading

"So we're experiencing the literary equivalent of a loss of biodiversity. All those people carrying around an 800-page novel looks like a great thing for American literacy, but it's as ominous as a Forbidden Forest with only one species of tree." Ron Charles

I have hear opinions both for and against the Harry Potter Series. Those who say it has children interested in reading, the religious groups who claim it is sinful and corrupting to read about witchcraft, and those who think the plots and characters are lacking.

The author of the following article has an interesting view. This isn't a reading craze - it is just another consumer craze; the idle masses jumping onto the next bandwagon.

It's unfortunate - but not without solution. Again, the love of reading must either start at the home or a very young age in school. Instead of forcing our children to read the prescribed agenda, let them choose what interests them. As the teacher observes the genres a student gravitates toward, they should supply them with more challenging material in the same content area. This is how real learning, and a real interest in reading is developed - rather than having every child waiting in line to read the same book...

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