Tuesday, March 07, 2006


Carole Austen
It is extremely important that those on the earth create an environment within which those who are new children, those delicate flowers that are the project of imagination, should have a place to sink their roots, spread their flowers and leaves to the sun, and receive the love of those around them.
It is the condition of safety that creates the lack of anxiety in humans.
Many people develop a state of anxiety, terror and stress from not belonging anywhere. So they search deeper into their soul for the place of belonging. They experience this place that has not yet been fully located but has been called by many names, such as the subconscious or the unconscious. This is where memories of past lives reside. It is essential that your technological scientists determine where, indeed, these ancient memories reside so they can be released and healed. If we had a way to throw you all into a stream everyday, have you laugh, play games, leap in bounds of joy and health, and laugh at the world in spite of its terrible condition, we would say that would be the best thing to do for your body.
Others have made all the same mistakes that you are about to make on this planet. At this time, most people are still in a world that will soon disappear. As that which is grandest comes down into the earth and is received with open arms by those of you who look up to the stars- and who welcome an enchanting presence- there can be nothing but great partnership. In terms of the fear factor upon your planet caused over the years by suppression of knowledge regarding the existence of that which is called other life, particularly in western technological societies, there seem to be two groups at work. There are some who have this knowledge and other who resist the idea of any kind of intervention from a higher life form. Among those who have accepted it, some are in a state of fear because they believe that the energies presently most physical here on earth now are not of the highest quality. This is true. If you are to be fearful, you must be fearful of that which is emerging upon the earth as aggression amongst each other, for you cannot escape this. It is in everyone's life, by one projection or another. It is much more fearful to be living on earth now than it is to be anywhere in the universe, for there are many malevolent characters on the earth beyond whose nature we have passed many thousands of years ago. It does not serve life in any way to be aggressive with one another.
You need help both in cleaning up your planet and in saving the innocent that are left here. You must realize you are your own savior, individually and in groups. This time it is not one savior that must come, but a group intelligence who must wrap the world in another option.
Consciousness is left in the universe by the spirit body to then be picked up by the next generation. You want to leave your highest and most beautiful thoughts behind you, for should you incarnate again, you can pick up where you left off.
You are in relationship with everything around you and you are having a conversation with everything. The cells vibrate with joy when you have an encounter that you know is going to fill your heart and lift your emotions with warmth from the tip of your toes to the tips of your fingers. This is how you may change the nature of the chemistry and messages that are sent from one part of the body to another. Have a laugh as often as possible. You'd be surprised how much that does for the brain cells! When you think about anything, every cell in your body changes to match the emotion connected to your picture.
There are many definitions of life beyond ordinary expectations and beliefs. You do not know how joyous we feel when you feel the same love down there that we try to send everyday.

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