Tuesday, March 07, 2006

A revolution of spirit!

A Revolution Of Spirit
By Karen Farr

Given recent events, I keep asking myself “What have we done?” In my name, my government or what used to be the United States of America, was sold to corporate entities visioning a world network of power. In cooperation with one another, they recruited compliant engineers willing to build a ship-shape, world mega-state.

With the cunning of chess masters, corporations slyly used personhood status to evade limits or restrictions on their acts and acquisitions. With their affluence, they molded the culture and our thinking. Through the media, television in particular, they have fed us a junk-food diet of moral turpitude. Greed is good. Excess is acceptable, even admired. Your neighbor has one, and so should you.

Our spirits have been intentionally marginalized. We have been groomed to become slaves in the corporations’ grandiose vision.

Social programs, based upon the Universal Principle of being your brother and sister’s keeper had to go. Those programs are now being decimated. Visionaries who warned us about the heavy price of polluting the very things that give us life (air, water, trees, soil, et al) were ridiculed. The Earth is now seriously ill. Cultures whose roots reach into antiquity, living on unspoiled tracts of virgin-timbered lands had to be eliminated. We needed their resources, and room for more cell-phone towers. Instilling fear was necessary to keep us focused. It is now marketed like the hottest new commodity.

There’s plenty to be worried about, for our time may be coming to an end. We’ve complied with the corporate state for a piece of the advertised “pie.” But the corporation does not share power, albeit temporal. It is time to reclaim our power and our forefathers’ vision. It is essential that we become lights in a world blackened by our excesses, by our abrogation of spirit to the base desires of the corporation.

There are several things you and I can do instigate a revolution, an evolution of the spirit. Since many of you are already on a restricted corporate diet, I’ll not suggest the usual, for you are already engaged in finding alternative ways to power your homes or fuel your autos. In fact, my suggestions are completely “new age” and for this I offer no apology. Universal Principles of Love and Equality have been marginalized by the “intelligentsia,” made to seem like insipid ramblings of logic-challenged misfits. This notion has served the corporation well. It has not served Humanity. When we begin to feed the spirit, we will begin to see the possibilities we’ve been intentionally blinded from seeing. I, for one, am ready for a revolution. I ask you to join me.

Smile at people you don’t know.
Smile at someone you disagree with.
Smile at a child.
Smile at yourself in the mirror.
Practice smiling at least once a day.

Have a vision of something non-material that brings you joy.
Is it the way your dog greets you upon your return home?
Hold that picture in your mind. Feel it.
Practice imagining a new joy each day.
Then, begin practicing joy each day.

Listen to birds. Listen to the wind.
Listen to the rain. Listen to non-human voices.
Imagine what they are saying.

Allow yourself to remember your dreams.
Know your dreams have commonality.
Flying, loosing your teeth, standing naked in crowd,
and falling are dream symbols shared by humans throughout the world
regardless of race, culture or belief.
You are connected to others on a psychic grid.

Pick up a rock and hold it in your hand.
Ask the rock where it came from, its age,
what it has seen throughout its lifetime.
It may lead you to question your self importance,
the durability of your beliefs.

Or stand next to a tree.
Put your hand on it.
Feel its heartbeat,
the slow pulse of sap through its veins.
You might thank it for working so hard to clean the air.
Without it you could not survive.

Actually stroll. This is not a race.
Take your time and breathe.
Enjoy a moment for what it is without attaching any meaning to it.
Do this as frequently as possible. If you are unable to walk,
sit by a window and let your thought meander.
Again, attach no meaning to your thought.
Just experience the moment.

Clean up.
If you see trash, pick it up. This is the Earth’s House.

Know your life is temporal.
You are here briefly.
What would you have your legacy be?

**Karen Farr Lee is a visionary fiction writer living in the mountains of Tennessee. She welcomes your thoughts regarding the evolution of the spirit and may be contacted at kmalee7@bledsoe.net

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