Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Ensure Freedom of Speech in Turkey

"As a songwriter, a musician, freedom of expression is not some abstract concept to me. It's my life. As a member of Amnesty International, I am given the tools I need to help ensure that no one is silenced for expressing their beliefs. I urge you to join me in signing this petition, to demand an end to Article 301."

- Serj Tankian of System of A Down and Axis of Justice

Turkey has limited free speech by prosecuting individuals of a wide range for peacefully expressing their dissenting opinion. Under Article 301 of Turkey’s Penal Code, Turkey has criminalized views that are deemed to have insulted Turkishness or the government. Article 301 is being arbitrarily used to harass and threaten people with imprisonment and is severe threat to freedom of expression. It must be abolished immediately. Send a letter to Prime Minister Erdogan immediately to express your concern: Sign the Petition

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