Friday, March 02, 2007

Interrogation of an Artist

So what if he had a cardboard cut out of Bush on his front lawn...with a knife sticking in his head. Some of Michael McDonald's neighbors were so offended that they called the police. Who in turn called the Secret Service. The S.S. accused McDonald of threating the President's life.

Hm, wait. Let's do some math:

If < means "less than"
and > means "more than"
the following equation must be true:

1 man (Mr. Bush) < 3,135 U.S. Soldiers < 62,296 (max) Iraqi Citizens

So what IS the value of a life?
Shouldn't McDonald's neighbors be horrified and disgusted by all the lives the President has taken? Shouldn't Mr. Bush be the one interrogated and removed from office? (at the very least...)

for more up to the minute update on the war's death total, visit Wikipedia
see the artwork and read the article on Artist Michael McDonald

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