Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Price of Treason

The Price of Treason: brought to you by NIN

art to the next level.
above the hypocrisy.
shining in the light.

Its time for the word "citizen" to stop being synonymous with "victim"


sentientruiner said...

thank you for noting nine inch nails, artisresistance

Anonymous said...

that is not an american soldier, and the soldier is not pointing his gun at the children or the mother.

Know And Be Free said...

First, did I say that it was an American soldier? No. I posted it without any identifying information because I wanted the general imagery of a solider terrorizing civilians (proof that it happens, and often enough).

Second, how can you claim that this solider is not pointing his gun at those civilians? (Yes, civilians because I am not assuming that it is a mother with her children). Is that you with the gun in the picture? Were you there? Or do you have a 360 degree photograph or video? If so, then please, do share.

Ill Logic said...

I'm sure that it makes it less frightening when a man with a gun that could absolutely decimate you orders you and your grandmother from your home.

By the way, no one claimed that soldier was American.

Guilty conscience?

Know And Be Free said...

thanks for the words, Ill Logic.