Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Animal Liberation Front

The ALF (Animal Liberation Front) is considered the number ONE domestic terrorist group. This is group of people that frees ANIMALS from deplorable and torturous conditions. They return the animals to the wild or find homes for them. How is this on the same level as car bombs and assassinations? Some members do use tactics such as arson (mainly on buildings without inhabitants), but wouldn't you want to burn down some rich guy's home or lab if you knew that he was sticking chemicals in the eyes of baby bunnies ?

My best friend has friends in her hometown in Pennsylvannia who have gone to jail for EIGHT years for freeing chickens and then burning down the factory farm they were locked in. What was the crime? Returning intelligent beings, capable of feeling emotion back to nature. Who suffered from this "act of terror?" The meat eaters who missed one night's worth of chicken and the corporate farmers who missed one dime? The nonsense the government is spewing about "domestic terrorist" is just to get your eyes off the real terrorists: THE UNITED STATES.

For more info on the freeing of animals, check out this website, updated daily : http://www.directaction.info/

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