Monday, January 23, 2006

Micro-chipped Population

...And here we are, the preamble to the micro-chipped population, all in the name of illusory security; security that can never be guaranteed, but will be sold to a fearful public. Freedom is not given away overnight. No, it is instead voluntarily given away, a voice suffocated by an infinity of tiny knots. Then one day, you turn around, and you can no longer breathe.The present Bush administration has formed a veritable noose with its knots. And so, freedom is ushered away with the sound of thunderous applause....1) All new U.S. passports to be micro-chipped, starting Oct. 2006, as per new mandate ordered by the Bush Administration: Computer chips underneath the skin already in domestic use:
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* Remember- government has all technology light years before the public. We experience only the mere tip of the iceberg concerning what they ALLOW us to know exists. Government clearly has implantable technology- as is evident by the fact that it already is in domestic use. It must have traveled through their gate to end up in the hands of a civilian. Furthermore, given that the chips in the passports obviously provide all security information about the individual, and, the chips that are being implanted domestically provide a whole host of other superior technological functions- combine the two, and you have a veritable recipe for implanting those same chips into the individual, and foregoing the paper passport all together (akin to what happened to cash).

We are being prepared.

Consider the passport article. "Out of the 2,335 comments on the plan that were received by the State Department this year, 98.5 percent were negative." These concerns decry the ability for technically savvy identity thieves to swipe these electrical signals straight out of the air- yielding all of your identity. This isn't all that difficult to imagine happens all the time- like in times past when your old phone, or new, picked up another phone's signal. Yet, the Bush Administration pushes on while turning a deaf ear to this next potential problem...which may very likely be framed as follows:
'We need to take these measures to insure your safety...but, terrorists and identity thieves have grown in complexity alongside us...we must take greater precautions.'

Consider the strategy coined by David Icke- 'problem-reaction-solution'; namely, the powers that be desire a 'solution', so they create the climate for the problem (the need for heightened security), which will then elicit a reaction from the public (protect us from terror!) and they will then inject their previously intended 'solution'- added security measures. Just like the USA Patriot Act, and the recent bugging scandals (possible grounds for impeachment?) to name a pathetic two.we now have the passport debacle. This passport chip will evolve into a smart card with our identity information and our cash, and will then ultimately end up under our skin, when theft and security concerns like the ones named above fall from our terrified populace.Combine these two articles, add the government, as well as the omnipresent, forever imminent threat of terror.

Do the math.

Also, do some research and you will see that these chips are already everywhere.

We are being prepared.

The article below, for example, shows how chips similar to the ones used on these passports are already being used on prison inmates and even gillette razors. We will say "oh yeah, I've heard of that. Can't be that bad...and, hey...if we need it to stop those terrorists!...'

It is a brave new world out there...well, at least it better be.

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