Friday, January 20, 2006

The truth of who we are?

New Cells, New Bodies, New Life!
Virginia Essene
One of your greatest challenges is learning to let go of fear caused by wanting to control earthly circumstances which are presently under divine transformation. A lack of structure is not easy to accept!
Let me assure you that these incoming energies bring healing to your soul and physical genetic body patterns. You must surely recognize that you are more then your body and have the capacity to experience higher energy vibration, as in meditation, for example. Thus, even though you are vibrating at a fairly low frequency rate in order to exist here enfleshed as you are, your body’s genetic intelligence and encoded memory patterns are awakening. Now they must be healed. For this healing to happen, the cells must receive and retain more light and be released of many restrictions, limitations and imperfections caused by your present life. You must be cleansed back as far as four generations, at least, as far as physical body conditions, emotional attitudes, and mental perceptions are concerned.
It will come in varying stages for each person. We wish you could see the rays and waves of energy and light- the minute frequencies and emanations- that are showering down on earth to make your transformation possible. You must use your faith and intuition as guideposts during this present expansion. These energy frequencies of alternating currents, from mechanical motors and a variety of inventions used in the military, business, industry and your personal homes, are not compatible with certain human body frequencies of direct current. Remember that TV's, computers and a host of other gadgets can have harmful effects on your health and emotional stability, depending on exposure and how you use them; we cannot overemphasize the many challenges you face in maintaining positive thinking, emotional stability and a healthy body during this extraordinary time.
In your mind's awareness, you must remain attentive to the journey, take frequent rest breaks to relax and deepen your inner guidance.
Please do all you can to remain calm within and know you are capable of this wonderful shift.
You are a massive complex of biochemical systems and energy currents which must be kept balanced. If you create powerful negative thoughts and store negative emotions over a period of time, these will eventually disrupt the balance of health and be lodged inside the body. You can actually feel, by pressing the skin, the compressed packets or congealed globules of densified, unmoving energy. The flow of energy must be restored. For the seriousness of mental and emotional pain left to fester in the body causes many forms of disease and debilitation.
Your children, still young and being born, need this imformation early on! They need your support to help them maintain a healthy life. Imagine the opportunity you have for your offspring. For do you not say in the secret sweetness of your heart, that you want your child yo have a better life? In ways difficult to describe in your present perception, you could be giving them a start toward eternal life. Every living person should make the understanding of life energy a primary focus in education- at home or in the schools. You are a sacred functional lifeform, slightly out of kilter through ignorance and emotional upheaval, but we are here to help you gain joyful balance in health.
Eat healthy foods, avoid toxic drugs, establish exercise periods for free-flowing bodily movements, have quiet times, commune with nature and don't force yourself to do all the unnecessary running around engendered by materialistic societies. Relax frequently. Reorganize time to serve you, not master you.
If your body is weary or your emotions are malcontent, slow down and merge into the holiness you truly are. Be still. Be loved.
Dancing, singing and joyful sharings from natural things also help to bring heaven to earth. Laugh! Laugh long and hard. Love is your true inheritance. Go outdoors! Breathe! Move! Enjoy the body's vitality. It is a precious resource.
Do you sense that your contacts with other people need fewer words?
You will continue to have more and more synchronistic events and occurences.
Understand that your consciousness in phasing back and forth between two worlds, which is why you may experience an acceleration in the passing of time. Doesn't it seem to evaporate? Simply vanish? Your expanding inner light is affecting your bodily reality. Unsettling things now happen more often, and you need to be soothed, not upset or nervous.
This is why we direct you into spiritual frindships more and more often, and suggest you group together for frequent discussions and joyful activities. Singing, dancing, hiking, loving interaction and consensus decision-making focused on the highest and best good for all concerned are encouraged. Group consciousness can create higher and more frequent levels of manifestation for personal and planetary good then separate individuals can accomplish.
How many hours do you spend with caring and loving people and animals?
How many hours are you out gardening or walking in nature and how often do you have experiences and activities that make your life meaningful?
There has never been a greater time for you to be relaxed and at peace than now.
Certain laws and principles exist, support and control cosmic existence, and there is a plan for both the physical places (planets, stars etc.) and for man. The evolutionary plan for man is individual and collective.
As a human being your willingness to continue learning and cooperating with the divine plan of evolution is your spiritual signature or soulprint and is recognized by us quite uniquely. Cosmic energies and human consciousness are in synergistic relationship. Consciousness now has only two choices: to join in with the flow or to resist the flow. Joining can bring unbelievable miracles. You can be healed by humanity's positive group intention for peace and the preservation of life. There will be economic collapses caused by excessive material pleasure, misuse of planetary resources, and authoritarian misuse of military power for control over others by war and violence. The divine plan inexorably moves everything closer toward that goal of vital sacredness that cannot be ignored or avoided- only prolonged.
Free will responses of a positive outgoing pattern represent the way by which you can free yourself of darkness. There is a greater divine embrace that awaits you all. Be comforted and comfort one another. True life is just beginning. Your body's rainbow-energy will soon arch in an upward flow of eternal life, toward the heart of its Creator.

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