Sunday, January 22, 2006

Channeling by Orpheus Phylos

Archangel Michael
Orpheus Phylos

With aid of the Yahweh and Elohim energy, man is able to be birthed back again into higher vibration. That means all souls who are ready are going to come back into the law of One. What does that mean? The law of one is All That Is in its perfection. That means, beloved souls, it is peace; it is love. Terra, the earth as you know it now, is a magnificent school, a great learning place. It is held very close unto the Father's bosom. It was a great sacrifice for the soul to choose to come into this experience. Yes, all souls would have to go through a time when the cell memories would not recall their perfection; therefore, each would remain for a time under the laws of karma or the laws of reincarnation. You are here so your molecular nature may begin to increase in cellular vibration to a higher light quality. When this occurs, your higher mind is going to become more predominant over the nature of the intellect or ego. How you use your gifts in your physical activities demonstrates who you really are.
How did it come to be this way? Those who later abandoned the law of One wanted to take what was not theirs. They wanted to control others, to create adversity and perform demonstrative activities. Therefore two groups existed, those who were of the light and those who created total destruction. As in times gone by, many are using the computer and crystalline sophistication of technology to control man. This energy continues in those beings who have chosen not to change and still favor destructive activities. Yet those energy souls are also coming forth to work for peace and restoration of the law of One.
Think of all those beings over the eons of time who, in spite of rejection, have dropped spiritual seeds to help humanity evolve, thus assuring the planet's educational program. Today there are many of you awakening into your own godhood, who will create a new world by your model. Yes, everything is in a process of evolution now, so the healers and teachers who wish to assist others must recognize that everyone is different.
Learn to relax. Relaxation means you are learning how to open the doors to your inner world. It can be through meditation. It can be just simply sitting alone in a place that is serene. In the concentration level there is surrendering in total trust to entering a God-empowered reality. Those having cancer, AIDS etc. must get into their inner world because it holds the etheric vibration of the Central Sun that can manifest positive change in its outer world body. So as you think it, is will be, which is why you must be very cautious and very careful how you think!
But you must also learn to look at the negative force and become aware of those thoughts as they come into the body, so they can be recognized, stopped... and then processed into the higher supermind as positive.
The unconscious mind is like a doorway. It receives thoughts from the conscious mind which it immediately processes. So if you are aware you are thinking "I can't," and you immediately notice and use the positive power of the central mind from the Central Sun, it is immediately cancelled and shifted. There is nothing a soul cannot do, even the healing of its body self. You must absolutely be in the now. Do this by calling out, "God mind, tell my brain that I am healthy and I am happy today." You never say, "I will be." The key word is now, because remember the word know of knowledge also contains within its vibrational pattern the harmonic sound of the word now. Affirm positive ideas every day, every hour if possible.
Avoid saying "I believe this or that," say, "I know it." When you know it, you now it. Therefore it is.
Mind can always overcome matter. It takes courage. It takes strength. And it takes discipline. Discipline, beloved souls, contains the word disciple.
Every organ holds a different vibration, yet within its composite it holds the total vibration of the law of One. When the vibration becomes imbalanced, it is because you are thinking negatively. The genetic system of mind is being used negatively by humans who believe limited thoughts caused by worldly illusions they see about them. If you believe the illusions of limitation your innate inner power will create it. Every thought is like a "Y" in a road. It is a choice deciding your future destination! You may have heard about this concept of positive thinking many times before, yet have you mastered its practice in your everyday life?
After a great cleansing and rearrangement of the favored few leaders, a new government under the law of One will come forth to empower peace. Historians will hold open the doors of sealed remembrance into long-forgotten truths. You came to bring God into matter. Know, beloved souls, the light comes through thee by your free will decision and application of love and wisdom. Gratitude and appreciation are important, so be grateful to the Creator, for your own light body, for the conscious awakening you are experiencing, for your wonderful planet earth with its beauty and nourishments of food, its animals, birds, rocks, plants and minerals. Be grateful for the greatest and smallest of wonders and remember to acknowledge the sweetness of touch, a joyful smile and the caring of a loving heart and soul.

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