Sunday, January 29, 2006

I almost couldn't stand to post these, but these babies should never be forgotten

Let us Never Forget These Souls...

These photos were taken by Iraqi photogragher Nabil Al-Jorai. They depict the result of a US bombing in the No-Fly Zone in the neighborhood of Jumaria in Basra on January 25, 1999. Seven people were killed in Jumaria that day by US bombs, including the children we see in these photos. The bomb was an AG MI 30 with program ground coordinates latitude and longitude accurate within 10 meters. Manual control is possible as it reaches it's target. Manually accurate up to inches. The Washington Post reported that the missile went astray as it ran out of fuel.

Learn the story:
Get informed about the history of the U.S. conflict with Iraq. Visit the Voices in the Wilderness website and the Electronic Iraq website to brush up on the myths and realities of 13 years of sanctions and war. For a helpful digest, read “Sanctions and War: Myths and Realities.”

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