Monday, February 13, 2006

Is anyone listening??

M. Junaid Alam from "Left Hook" on Bush's budget:

This run-down of just some of the programs being eliminated and crippled by Bush is truly something to behold. From my limited life experience I can already size up the human effects some of this will have: all those inner-city youth in Boston who I helped tutor at my university a couple semester via GEAR-UP - POOF. All those people taking English and GED courses at the literacy center in the town next to mine where I volunteered in high school - POOF. The alternative high-school kids who were participating a poetry slam event I covered - POOF.Seriously, how does anyone get away with this? Oh, right, I remember - there is no opposition party.Meanwhile, you have all kinds of Americans lining up to join the new Protestant megachurches, all wowed and falling over themselves with joy at the social services these institutions provide - crumbs doled out from the cake the government steals from the budget. These are not tiny cuts we're talking about here either. This is taking FDR, strapping him to his wheelchair, and blowing his brains out. Imagine the hordes that will come running into more of these faith-based follies once their current lives crash in on them.I'm not the first to say it and call me alarmist if you like, but in my opinion, we are fast heading toward a state of permanentized fascism - without all the violent class struggle that preceded Hitler's ascension, and without going to war with any powerful countries. It's like, Fascism Done Right. (TM) : News & Analysis : North America

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Anonymous said...

I am listening. And I am outraged. And even though I am the other author of this website, I consider myself enlightened for knowing you and reading your posts. So thank you.

p.s. The social studies teacher in the room next to mine has a HUGE ASS Bush/Cheney poster hanging in there for all the little robots to soak in. Yuck.