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'The Architecture of History' -
An Essay by Eric Rainbolt

Could "history" possibly not be 'accidental' but rather 'concocted'? Is the world seeming crazy enough yet for you to seek answers other than what the television will tell you? Could a cabal of [20]Luciferian Freemasons in power over the major governments of the world be setting the 'timing' of terror events? Could a small group of hidden financeers be playing all of humanity like a deck of cards? All the evidence points unmistakably to 'yes'. This is what this frightening report will summarize for everyone. Freemasonry is the world's largest semi-secret society with millions in its membership roles. However, there is a hierarchy resembling a pyramid within the world-wide organization. There are two sects of Freemasonry known as the York Rite (that has "9" degrees of secrecy) and the Scottish Rite (which has "33" public degrees of secrecy). Masons are very prideful. Any of them will tell you that most presidents have been
either 32 or 33 degree Freemasons. Bush I and II and their COO, VP Cheney, are all 33rd degree Freemasons. The UK's Tony Blair is a 33rd degree Freemason, as is Vladimir Putin, Mikhail Gorbechev, Ariel Sharon, and the list goes on and on... Even NY Mayor Rudy Giuliani was knighted into the Masonic order by the Queen of England on Feb "13"th, 2002 for his role in 9-11.

The origin of Freemasonry goes back to "1111"AD where "9" European separatists declared themselves the "Knights Templar". This is why the numbers in the date "9"-"11" are so important to the powers that be. For instance, they celebrated the groundbreaking of the Pentagon on "September 11th", 1941. On the anniversary of that 60 years later elite Freemasons architected the events of 9-11-2001 so they could operate a war between the East and West, between the Christian world and the Muslim world for world domination. It turns out the "Holy Roman Empire" never fell; they are still at it. The "Fourth Reich" as it is seen has
been assuming power on a global scale.

They like to celebrate anniversaries of their control over 'history'. For instance, Bush's dad gave a speech on September 11th, 1990 when he was president in front of the congress. He stated "Out of these troubled times, our 5th objective, a New World Order, can emerge." "11" years to the morning from that date 9-11-2001 occurred with the first airliner, Flight "11", hitting the North Tower at 11 minutes to 9am. They are particularly fond of the number "11". They use that most often. They think by using the number 11 that it gives them more power over humankind.

Bush I delivered a speech in front of the United Nations on 2/1/1992 where he stated: "Americans will soon pledge their allegiance to the sacred principles enshrined in the United Nation's charter." On the morning of the "11"th anniversary of that speech, they celebrated their control over world events by sacrificing the Columbia STS 107 Space Shuttle over Dallas, which is on the "33rd" parallel. Dick Cheney was conveniently in Dallas that morning to see the comet come in. It was an intentional ritual sacrifice of the shuttle. These are the unmistakable facts of 'history'.

Freemasons are very prideful architects. They are a very influential group in modern day building architecture. They like to use certain mathematical principles, such as Euclid's "47th" proposition. They also stick to using their sacred number set wherever they can ( 3,7,"11",13 (and multiples of those),19,47,93, and 111 ). They use those numbers in architecting Masonic lodges, corporate buildings, and "history".

For instance, the hidden money power of the world wished to create a lot of fear in the world. For "13" days, they made it seem like Russia and the US were going to bomb each other with nuclear weapons; known as the "13 Days of October" or the "Cuban Missile Crisis." In the middle of that staged conflict, on 10/"22"/1962(2x11=22) they put JFK on world TV to deliver a speech. Soon after that, the illuminati had the Russian government remove the nuclear missile sites from Cuba. The "Cold War" continued; trillions of taxpayer's money was spent on militaries and bombs over the next decades - on both sides of the world. However, since JFK was going against the grain of the illuminati bankers, they set up his assassination exactly "13" months later from his world televised speech. He was taken out in Dallas on the "33"rd parallel on "11"/"22"/1963. ("22" is a multiple of "11", as is "33" - the highest degree in Scottish Rite Freemasonry.) Simply stated, this was a Freemasonic ritual assassination.

The "Architects of History" are not public figures. The American government is just a bunch of puppets of the London financiers, who call themselves the 'illuminati'. They finance the 'establishment' with paper money they assume the rights to print out-of-thin-air. They put in puppet governments, such as the Bush regime, to do their dirty work and deliver their propaganda to the public for them. The international banking elite have simply taken the American flag over time and used it as their gang symbol. The US government is a branch of the Freemason steeped London monarchy as much as Tony Blair's puppet government in the UK. The London banks have always secretly controlled America, even since 1776, the year of so called American "independence"; also the year Adam Weishaupt's secretive Order of the 'Illuminati' formed in opposition in Europe.

This is strange to find out because they have never wanted to reveal how the world is really operated to masses of the American people, especially since their banking organization hijacked America's currency in 1913 with the corrupt Federal Reserve Act. In 19"33" the masons controlling the US government put their symbolism all over the back of the US 1 note. They control the monopoly board by issuing their paper monopoly money. It costs them as much to print a 20 US note as a 1 US note, a few copper cents. "The Fed" bank prints up as much as they secretly decide on. They lend it to the US so Americans can have money to pass around in order to have commerce. They draw 'interest' off all the money they print and loan out. That's why it is called a Federal Reserve "Note". It is not money backed by Reserves - it is simply a loan, a paper "IOU", based only on the credit of the US government! (which is not credit-worthy by the way.)

Their puppet Greenspan announces if it is going to cost more or less to borrow money from the Fed Bank. It's just a giant privately run scam. Economists have been writing books exposing the monstrous fraud for decades. People still seem not to care. They must think the billionaire Freemasons and the trillionaire illuminati devil worshipping international bankers running the world's finances are going to take care of them and their children and so forth. They must think they will one day stop terrorizing ordinary people, creating wars, and not crash the economies of the world to cash in like they did during the "Great Depression", or try to put the military on the streets of America under "Martial Law".

However, they are currently setting it all up. 9-11 created a world again at war and more centralized federal power over all the American people. "3/11"/2004 in Madrid they killed (1)9(1) more people to set up more police power over the people in Spain. (3x11="33" - the Freemasons are so prideful they have to 'sign' all their Inform others bombings.) Also, "3/11"/1985 was the "19th" anniversary of the inauguration of "33"rd degree Freemason Mikhail Gorbachev. 5 months after he oversaw the Berlin Wall fall on "11"-"9"-1989, he publicly stated: "We are only beginning to shape the New World Order."

The London 7/7 bombings (7x11) {Like flight "77" on 9-11} gave the Crown more police power over the people of Europe. They next bombed Egyptians on 7/"22" killing "88"(8x"11") Amazingly they signaled the timing of that event by jamming/slowing the London Big Ben clock on 5/27/2005 for the "13" minutes between "22:07" and 22:20. Europeans write the date for July 22nd, 2005 as "22/7". Recently, the bombs in Bali Indonesia have their "33" signature on it too. First, a bomb went off in Bali 1 year, 1 month, and 1 day after 9-11 (that's a "111"
sequence), on 10/12/2002. "11" days before the "3rd" anniversary of that first bombing they killed more Indonesians on October 1st, 2005.

Could the timing of all these major terror events just be "33" coincidences? Obviously not. It would be against billion to 1 odds or greater. Also that would be excluding all the other evidence that is out there explaining that this is happening.

The ebook Revelation 9-11 {Now renamed "The Architecture of History"} available at http://www.threeworldwars.com/occult.htm contains hundreds of more examples of reemasonic control and intrigue throughout 'history'. The past should really be called "their story". What are we going to call the future once it has also past? Here. If you are still not convinced: on the 1st anniversary of 9-11 they made the NY city lottery balls come up "911" and the Chicago S&P futures exchange index come up "911.00". That's impossible to both happen on the 1st anniversary of 9-11, but they were pridefully boasting "We did it!", "We have this much power and control over all of you." "We control not only the TV and Hollywood, but lotteries, and stock exchange indexes too!" That's how they have dropped their hints apparently to help shed their guilt amongst themselves.

On the 6th month anniversary of 9-11, they put "88"(8x11) flood-lamps where the
buildings used to be. They made a giant "11" again from March "11th" to April "13th", 2002 for "33" nights. They turned the lights off each night at "11pm". The Freemasonic illuminists were only showing off; certainly not mourning with the rest of the world who naturally perceived the situation differently. All these are the facts of 'history'. George Orwell who wrote "1984" stated "Who controls the past controls the present. Who controls the present controls the future." The Democratic and Republican parties are all just used car sales teams to the American people, selling lemon after lemon - while keeping quiet about the intentions of their dark overlords.

People need to understand a 1 US Federal Reserve (actually not Federal, no Reserve folks) Note is just like a stock certificate. It only has "perceived" value and the value of it may go up & down. They issue more notes or 'currency stock' at any time. The more money they print up, the more the value of every dollar goes down as it filters about. They plan on soon crashing the US note, and replacing it with the "Amero", like the Euro, when they financially rig all the American countries from Canada to Chile, under 1 illuminati privately run central bank. They plan to send more non-thinking American soldiers to war with dissenting countries like Venezuela first. First, they want to provide a cover for their intended financial crash. That is why they are soon going to be releasing deadly influenza plagues on the populations. Soon you will be hearing Bush talk about military run 'quarantines' and 'martial law' to contain the outbreak. However, this will only give them more control over spreading the outbreak and imprisoning all the American people while at the same time providing cover for the coming illuminati Fed Bank crash of the American
economy and currency.
They intend on forcing mandatory 'vaccinations' against
the 'bird flu', which is loaded with the toxic and carcinogenic mercury(Hg)
preservative Thimiserol. An internal passport will be required to travel. People will be ordered to take the toxic vaccinations to receive their national-id cards, or microchip implant.

When inoculations are mandatory, this gives them control to selectively infect the population through the vaccine mechanism itself, by SSN number. The CDC is also run by high-level Freemason insiders. For instance on 11/11/04 (the same day they
assassinated the Palestinian leader "Yaser Arafat" at "3:3"0am) the UN's World Health Organization (W.H.O.) met to discuss the coming world flu pandemic. "3" months and "11" days later on 2/"22"/05, the [62]CDC released an announcement that the pandemic flu will be coming to America. The government is now trying to scare everyone with H5N1-influenza 'bird flu' but the insiders will be releasing the much more deadly and contagious H1N1-influenza (the 1918 "Spanish Flu" pandemic variety which they have in stock) either in the vaccines or another deceptive method. They are also planning to increase the [64]toxic sodium fluoride levels in the public's tap water to make them more dumb and lethargic.

High-degree Freemasons are not the only terrorist organization of the world but they are certainly friends with any others. A Russian dictator, Vladimir Lenin, once said "Terror is not a thing, it is a technique, and the essence of our rule." Now it has reached a global scale. Freemasons are the "Architects of History" and the "New World Order/Fourth Reich" world dictatorship.

There are only one possible solution: The American people reform a legitimate and constitutional government by routing out all the criminals; impeaching all the three branches. A person like Alex Jones of prisonplanet.com can free the people and help lead to the way to lock up the bandits. Any bum off the street would be more honest than the crime lords and master liars operating the current government.

The best thing you can do right now is to now share this report with all others around you; so the public 'knows thy enemy'. They wish to harm you and your family. They wish to continue to bring death and destruction to the world. The kings of this world serve the "angel of the bottomless pit" as expressed in Revelation 9:11. Your soul is being tested. Please see http://www.infowars.com or http://www.propagandamatrix.com for more information. If you use AOL, you will not be able to access these websites as they are currently being censored by the illuminati owned and controlled all-seeing-eye logo AOL/Time Warner. A good portal to hundreds of other illuminati conspiracy research sites is [70]http://www.abigsecret.tk

Whatever you choose to do, don't just sit there unless you need to re-read the above for it to become crystal clear. Pick any fact listed and verify it online. You will see that all of it is indeed true. Do you think you are safer with less people knowing about this? Choose to work on the side of truth, goodness, and love rather than lies, fascism, and tyranny. These are the facts of history. The author didn't make them up, the establishment elite throughout history did.
Eric J. Rainbolt, Austin Texas
911Exposed.com (author's online bookstore publisher: lulu.com)

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