Monday, May 22, 2006

Mass Marketed Conspiratorial Junk

What Do You Think Of The Da Vinci Code? Who Cares.
People programmed to discuss mass marketed fiction
Paul Joseph Watson/Prison May 18 2006

The Da Vinci code is the latest salvo in mass marketed conspiratorial junk that creates a counterfeit cultural zeitgeist and diverts focus from the real conspiratorial agendas that are unfolding before our own eyes not on a movie screen or a fictional paperback but in reality.
The main theme of this work of fiction that many frivolous fools have chosen to take as fact, is that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene and fathered a child. This is based on one sentence from a heretical Gnostic gospel from the mid-second century in which it is claimed Jesus kissed Mary Magdalene (that proves it for me).

Bill Barnwell's excellent summary debunks the myths promulgated by the movie and the book.
Despite the utter vacuum of credibility the film holds, the cultural zeitgeist has dictated that you have to waste time acquiring detailed knowledge of this issue and be able to express an opinion on it.
Don't bother.

To steal a gag from the late Bill Hicks, "piece of shit, walk away."
By promulgating an unceasing drumbeat of attention, the establishment has programmed people into obsessing about this bile. Don't waste your time debating this garbage with anyone, refuse to even address the matter other than to tell them it is the latest bread and circus act to follow Michael Jackson and the Raelians and should be vehemently dismissed by anyone with more than two functioning brain cells.

The individuals that flap their gums until kingdom come about secret societies running everything around the time of Jesus are usually loathe to entertain such a notion that it could be happening today. People are receptive to mass marketed conspiracy theories mired in fiction but don't you dare for a second suggest there could be a real conspiratorial agenda unfolding all around us, that's just crazy!

Rather than embrace their responsibility to truly understand the architecture of power that controls their own life these imbeciles would much rather bury their head in Holy Blood, Holy Grail or Harry Potter because deep down they know it's just fiction. They would rather tease themselves with the imaginary monster in the cupboard while turning their head away from the stomping elephant in the living room. This childish mentality is the reason why the vast majority remain as spectators in life, forever dazzled by the latest trend and distracted from becoming truly engaged in something that really matters.

This movie acts as a steam valve to distract people's gut concerns about shadowy entities controlling world events in reality today. What does this tell us about how the culture creators channel our natural human curiosity into dead end debates and contrived cul-de-sacs?

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