Monday, May 15, 2006

a natural solution to allergies

Instead of pumping your body up with all of the new allergy medications (who's side effects are usually worse than the malady they are "curing") I would first suggest a more natural remedy.Many seasonal allergies are caused by pollen. When bees create honey, there is a small amount of pollen incorporated; therfore, by eating local honey your body can build up an immunity to the flowers and weeds that grow in your area.

If you decide to give the local honey a try, here are a few tips taken from

*Keep in mind you may have an adverse reaction. (possibly consult your physician first)
*Buy unpasteurized honey from a local beekeeper or local farmer's market.
*Make sure the honey is from a place as near as possible to where you live.
*If possible find out if it was collected at the same time of year as when you suffer from pollen-related allergies.
*Start using it a month prior to your allergy season.
*Begin with a small amount and gradually increase the amount used.
*Do not heat the honey.

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